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The Moscow Times CareerCenter

Placing banner advertisements in the Job Opportunities of The Moscow Times
section allows you to create a link to your company site or link site guests directly
to the information about your current vacancy.

Career Center offers a series of different advertising options that will
help you maximize your company's exposure. For prices, please see the rate card below.

Banner Advertising Rate Card

Type of Advertising

Price (CPM*)

Banner: 1000x60 pixels

1650 RUR +18% VAT

Banner: 468x60 pixels

1155 RUR +18% VAT

Banner: 120x90 pixels

  715 RUR +18% VAT

*CPM -- Cost Per Mille (equvalent of cost per thousand impressions).
Prices are in Russian rubles per thousand banner impressions. 

Career Center offers various listing packages in order to help you meet your staffing needs

Job Listing Rate Card

Job Listing

Job will be listed
in one category for 2 weeks period.

20700 rubles + 18% VAT / 600 euro + 18% VAT

2 Weeks

10350 rubles + 18% VAT / 300 euro + 18% VAT


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